Bright Horizon Tours was established by a small group of Freelance tour guides who believe that the enormous tourist destinations we have in the West Africa and our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry are worth sharing with the world.

We aim at providing excellent tour services to our clientele by providing tour packages to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

From a very humble beginning of only three tour guides and a secretary, Bright Horizon Tours has grown to a staff strength of fifteen now.

Beginning from the domestic front, we provide tour services to identifiable groups such as the banks and other financial institutions, educational institutions, Parliament of Ghana, Hotels etc.

 As  freelance tour guides we handled a great number of international guests and groups for other companies such as the Harvard University, Mo Ibrahim, Indiana University, Inhotep, Coca Cola, just to mention a few, Bright Horizon Tours is making every effort to establish its name on the internationaltourism landscape. Customer satisfaction is always our priority!


We aim at providing excellent and innovative tour services and with safety, comfort and satisfaction to our customers at a competitive prices and also to:

  • Provide services that will appeal to all manner of people and groups world wide.
  • Make ourselves visible and accessible by using modern channels of information and communication to reach our target markets.
  • Ensure our efficient services become a reference point to many of our customers across the world.

To provide tailor-made services to ensure affordability, convenience and satisfaction


We believe that with the peaceful environment prevailing now in many part in the West Africa, and also the many tourist resources available, the sky will be our limit. Our vision is as follows:

  • To make Bright Horizon Tours one of the best destination management companies in West Africa
  • To command a very respectable shares both in the domestic and international markets.
  • To partner with many foreign tour operators across the world
  • To provide tours, transportation services and also to handle cruse ship tours in Ghana.